Retirement & Estate

Retirement is coming earlier and earlier for the current and future generations, but in order to retire, financial plans have to be made at a young age. That’s why it’s important to at least familiarize yourself with the financial planning process as soon as you start your first career.

At the office of Michael Delaney, CPA, we value all our clients, but especially those with whom we have built a long-term relationship. We know it doesn’t always feel realistic or important to think about finances thirty to forty years in advance, but it can truly make all the difference in improving the quality of your later life. That’s why we offer retirement and estate services for those who need it.

Retirement Planning

Our retirement plan involves budgeting and investment planning, as well as prompting you to answer the hard questions. What kind of lifestyle will you want to be living as a retired citizen? Will you have paid off your mortgage before you retire? How many college tuitions do you plan on financing? These types of questions cannot be ignored when planning for retirement.

Insurance is another crucial point to consider when creating a retirement strategy. Will your savings cover your healthcare needs? So much of healthcare is unpredictable. That’s why it’s essential to get all the facts ahead of time regarding options like Medicaid.

Estate Planning

To begin your estate planning, our consultants will determine your estate’s worth by calculating the collective value or your various assets. Next, a distribution of all of your assets, is considered and broken down into various trusts and other arrangements. The value of an estate takes into account market inflation rates, along with tax rates, at the time of death.

So, leave the future worries to us. We will set a timeline of our clients’ saving and planning necessities, so no one will be financially burdened at any point in life.

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